Print Information

Each student who attended the prom is entitled to one free print (or a multiple print/pack) worth £7.

Photos will be cropped to fit the appropriate size and we will make every attempt to crop out undesirable elements such as backdrop stands, walls, other people etc. We cannot guarantee to be able to remove all unwanted elements as this depends entirely on the composition of the original shot.

Should you wish a photo to be cropped to retain/specifically remove an unwanted part of the original file, or require a non-standard crop, please state this on your order.

Ordering your Prints

Please note down the full name and number shown on any photograph you wish to purchase and complete the order form below

Use the form to order your free print and any others you wish us to print for you. All the high resolution shots are available on both OneDrive and the Prom website to download, print and share. It is easier to see the actual photo numbers if you use the website, although you can see it on OneDrive by clicking on the photograph, clicking the Information button and looking for the "Path". 

Please return the completed form (and your payment if you are ordering more than just the free print) to the School Office by the deadline:

Friday 12 July 2019

Payment for extra photos can be made using cheque, ParentPay or PayPoint. Please note that we are unable to accept any cash payments. 

Orders received after the last day of term (Friday 12 July 2019) will be subject to a £4 adminstration fee. This will apply even if you only want to order your "Free" shot.

Cheques: Please make these out to “Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form” with the name of the student and their tutor group on the back.

ParentPay: Please use the Student School Photos line on your account and return the form with your emailed confirmation of payment. We really do need both of these as otherwise your order may be delayed and not be ready in time for results day.

PayPoint: Please contact the school finance office for a unique barcode that will allow you to pay for your photos by PayPoint. Do not use a lunch money PayPoint card as we will be unable to process your photo order.  

If you are unable to return the form/payment in person

Due to the timing of the prom and the tight deadline for orders we realise that families may unable to physically return the form or payment. No problem - you can order by email and pay (if necessary) by ParentPay.

If you can email the following details to we can process your order. Please include PROM 2019 in the subject of your email.

  • Student's name
  • Tutor group
  • A contact phone number (if you are contactable via phone)
  • The EXACT file name of the photos you want e.g. Prom2019Studio-124
  • The sizes e.g. 7x10, 5x7
  • How many of each "pack" (you get 2 of the same shot in 5x7 so 3 would mean 6 prints)
  • The total cost (if you are ordering more than just the free pack.)
  • Please attach/forward the receipt you received from ParentPay by email if you are ordering more than the free pack.

Please note: I will send you a reply to say that I have received your order. If you don't receive your reply within 2 working days of sending your order please resend it as I don't have your order!

If you have any questions whatsover about this site or your order, please contact me by email on 

or phone me directly on 01376 556369

Chris Rowe
Media Support Manager, Notley High School.


Print Information

Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form, Notley Road, Braintree, Essex CM7 1WY

  01376 556369  /promnotley