Can we have all the photos that were taken, including the ones that aren't online?

Not really - sorry.

In all honesty we put up every single photo that we can but we don't upload ones which didn't come out (for a multitude of reasons), or ones that are duplicates (we usually take a couple of each and you don't need two of the same shot). If two shots are basically the same but something is different in one of them we'll post both. If a photo you remember being taken isn't online once we've finished processing all the shots then really there is a good reason why it's not available.

If we could take 4000 individual, different, well exposed shots with everyone looking at the camera and not caught mid-expression etc we'd post all 4000 shots.

But that's not realistic I'm afraid.

When will all the shots be ready?

The honest answer is "as soon as humanly possible". Our media team go as fast as they can. 

Past experience suggests that it takes about four working days to compete the editing, processing and uploading of all the photos. As an example then, if the Prom is on a Wednesday night we'd aim to get the photos online by the end of the following Wednesday. However this can only ever be an estimate.


What is the deadline for ordering prints?

The deadline for the 2019 Prom is end of day (3pm) Friday 12 July 2019.

All orders have to be received by the finance office by that time or sent directly to me if you just want to order your free shot/use ParentPay (see the link below for more information).

We like to give you as much time as possible to order your shots but we have to have your order before the school breaks up for the summer. Given that the prom is organised in late June after all the exams are finished and it takes a few days to get the shots edited, processed and uploaded it does result in quite a tight turnaround. 

The order form isn't available yet - when will it be?

If the order form for this year's prom isn't online yet it will be the second we finish processing and uploading all the finished shots.

Can I order any photo or does it have to be the formal one?

You can order any photo you like.

Just be aware though that  there might be a few shots which have been cropped square or to a very long thin "panoramic" shape which might be difficult to fit into the standard frames. We'll try to put a warning about this on their gallery.

If you really want these we'd have to put black borders on them to make them fit.

Can I just order my shots by email rather than use the order form.

Of course you can.

However there are a couple of conditions to this.

You can send me an email ordering your shot(s) only if:

a) you only want your free print


b) you want more shots and are paying by ParentPay only. In this case you also have to send me a copy of the email receipt that you get from ParentPay. Trying to match up orders and ParentPay payments otherwise is a total nightmare and it will delay your order.  

If you want more than one shot and you want to pay by cheque or PayPoint then I'm afraid you have to fill out the order form and hand it into the finance office along with your payment/payment receipt.

  • Student's name
  • Tutor group
  • A contact phone number (if you are contactable via phone)
  • The EXACT file name of the photos you want e.g. Prom2019Studio-124
  • The sizes e.g. 7x10, 5x7
  • How many of each "pack" (you get 2 of each 5x7 so 3 would mean 6 prints)
  • The total cost (if you are ordering more than just the free pack.)
  • Please attach/forward the receipt you received from ParentPay by email if you are ordering more than the free pack.

Please note: I will send you a reply to say that I have received your order. If you don't receive your reply within 2 working days of sending your order please resend it as I don't have your order!

As much contact info as possible would also help. If we can't work our what you want and we can't contact you we can't process your order I'm afraid.

Please send emails to

The photos aren't all online yet but can I order 'photostudio1234.jpg' now?

Yes absolutely you can but you might want to wait until all the photos are processed and online. If we haven't finished uploading yet there will be a LOT more to choose from and you may change your mind or want to order more shots.

Why do we have to order our free photo?

We take literally thousands of shots during the evening and we wouldn't know which one you want or which size you want it printed.

Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form, Notley Road, Braintree, Essex CM7 1WY

  01376 556369  /promnotley